Your branding is the vehicle that is the face of your business image and it is a essential ingredient to your success so never underestimate its value. Everything that the public sees that has your branding on it, including all printed marketing materials, is telling them something about you. Whether it be your business cards, customer correspondence or your company flyer it all needs the same attention. Let us help you create your best first impression. 



1. We pride ourselves on choosing the highest quality products for your designs.

Why would you get a great design and put it on substandard materials, thats like printing a rembrandt on butcher paper.  We make no apologies for keeping our standards high to bring out the best in your branding.



2. So many other designers can miss the important things. 

We see it so often when other designers or do it yourselfers try save themselves time and money, forgetting the essential things.



3. We make it easier for you.

Let us make it easier by doing everything for you. You email the brief or the design through, we get it ready, a proof is sent out to you for approval, once approved within a little while your product is ready. There are no hidden fees along the way either.  How easy is that?



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Please check the blog included on this website for further information on making truly print ready artwork. 

Is your artwork "Print Ready"

We strongly suggest that you ask the professionals such as ourselves to do the design as it can prevent problems with artwork files that are incorrect or cannot be used due to a multiple of reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are supplying artwork yourself, responsibility can not be taken for files that are not suitable or print ready. We have provided a check list below, if unsure, please ask us or your graphic designer for help. 
File types to avoid are images in Word documents and pictures obtained from google images.


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